Keri Sparenga

Artist, Keri Sparenga, 41, is a North Ridgeville native who lives in Brunswick, OH with her husband, 2 girls, and animals. She is a self-taught freelance artist that has been honing her talent into skill over the past twenty years. She concentrates on completing commissions from clients all over the U.S. She specializes in paintings on canvas, signs, furniture, wall murals, children's nurseries, businesses, trompe l'oeil, and faux techniques such as marbling and wallpaper-look alike. Keri prefers painting in photorealism. The more detail that is conveyed brings the piece to life. She does not limit herself to just one style of painting. She enjoys experimenting using different mediums and styles such as window splashes, word topography, expressionism, abstract art, fluid painting, folk art, or graffiti art. She even does special-effects make-up around Halloween.

Keri also enjoys cooking, baking, flower gardening, hiking in the woods, swimming, biking, volunteering and attending concerts. She dreams of traveling all around the world to experience more.

Some of the artists that have inspired her are Georgia O'Keefe, DaVinci, Michelangelo, and many great modern artists of today. Most of Keri's inspiration is reliant upon social media, nature, fantasy, everyday life or often just her mood.

On the commercial level, Keri has painted local business windows, done marketing flyers, helped schools, churches, and her community with face painting and numerous creations, she donates to her community seasonally, and has helped with involvement of Knights of Columbus producing original ads and banners. Recently, the painting she created for a contest for Rudy's Strudel and Bakery in Parma, OH was chosen to be enlarged for a 15' mural for the outside of their business.

Her philosophy and her main goal is to strive for greatness, not perfection. Art should be an uplifting experience not just for the viewer but for the artist as well. It should set a tone, convey a message, make a connection, enhance the environment, and elicit an emotional reaction. Keri's dream is to reach as many as possible through her work, whether it be in gallery exhibits or through word of mouth, she wants to Color The World and make it a happier place!

In the Press

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